Dangerously Drinkable. Handcrafted. Hand labelled. 


Wolf Viergever is both the typical Dutch migrant’s son and yet very Australian. With his father's family originating from Den Haag and gandparents from Bergen op Zoom, Wolf himself was born and raised in the Barossa valley. 


For years the Viergevers have been label printers in the Barossa: ink as well as wine runs throught their veins. With original presses and hand-cut fonts that date back to 1865, the family approaches their work with meticulous care and great attention to detail. The label, letter-pressed and finished by hand can sum up the family’s attitude to wine-making – honouring the traditional methods of the past with a dash of modernity.

Wolf’s transition to wine making begins in the early 90’s. Between 1993 and 2006 Wolf owned his own property in the Barossa valley and produced fruits for the industry, supplying to local Barossa wine makers. Wolf is a self-taught viticulturist, (guardian of the land) and learnt the trade the old fashion way.  Come 2017, after spending time away from the industry, Wolf returns to the fold. His cousin has equipment and the family knows vineyards with the right grape varieties. The stars align and “The Shed” is born, the Lost Wolf Wine Co comes into being.

The shed is a communal work space where Wolf's family members get together and produce a variety of projects, from Wine to Brandy. Everyone who is part of the lost Wolf Wine project is either family or a lifelong family friend. His cousin also makes his own wine for his own brand in the same Shed. The fruits are sourced from family friends. and he labels are all hand made by the Wolf himself. 


Wolf Viergever is a self-taught man, an animal of the Australian underground movement. Some say bootleg, some say revolutionary. A hobby that turns serious.... some would even say romantic

Viergever Family

Den Haag - Circa 1949




The “Shed” is where the magic happens, in a suburban industrial zone in the township of Tunandra Wolf disappears happily to apply his trade. Utilizing a small hand fed crusher, a small ½ton and 1ton open fermenters and 2 hand cranked basket presses, meaning production is hands on and basic, making the Lost Wolf Wine Co a truly different, unique and proper old school.

Wolf source his grapes from 3 different vineyards, one for each variety, all old friends and some even where friends from his school days, all in the Barossa valley. Each year Wolf choose a certain quantity from his primary producers and that it. They drop it off at the Shed and Wolf gets to work in his “Shed”. Production varies each year depending on the growing season. 

The "Shed" is a 302m2 man cave where a hobby winemaker from a Dutch immgarant family in South Australia  plots global domination. The Netherlands is Wolf first international export destination, his roots and heritage set that course, with a Haagenaar for a father and Oma in Bergen op Zoom, Verplicht was het toch!


Wine has been a way of life in Barossa Valley since 1842. Fast forward to today, and Barossa is home to more than 550 grape growing families, many with the sixth generation still working the same plot of land, supplying quality grapes to more than 170 wine companies. 

The best Barossan wines sit comfortably alongside the great wines of the world. Barossa Shiraz and Eden Valley Riesling have led the way as regional heroes, with Cabernet Sauvignon, Mataro, Grenache, Semillon and Fortified wines all contributing to Barossa’s standing as Australia’s global wine region. 

Barossa incorporates both the Barossa Valley and Eden Valleys, making it one of the only wine regions in Australia to have neighbouring warm and cool climate growing conditions. 

With such a diversity of growing conditions and soil types across both valleys, and vineyards that have been tended by hand for many generations, you are bound to find a wine to call your own. 



Wolf Viergever is both the typical Dutch migrant’s son and yet very Australian. With his fathers family originating from Den Haag and gandparents from Bergen op Zoom. Wolf  grew up in the Barossa and has worked closely to the wine industry for 30+ years, first in the family label printing business, then with wine itself.  Wolf has learnt his trade the hard way, or easier said, the way. Firstly farming the land and producing fruits for others, then in his own shed. There are no degrees from esteemd universitites or family pedigree handed down.