Wine tastings!

Private or Business 


Wine tasting at home? Hens nights, gatherings of friends or just something different on a Friday night... A special birthday, a house warming, or perhaps your wedding............We can come to you

A large part of our collection go to High end Fine dining and Michelin restaurants throughout The Netherlands and Europe 

You can enjoy this quality of wine without even having to book yourself into an expensive restaurant. 


Contact us below and let us know your preferences and desires.

How many people 

How many wines

What level of wines would you like


We have a large selection of wine for you to choose from. Culinary wines, easy drinking wine complex wine to wines we deliver exclusively to high end and Michelin Restaurants here in The Netherlands. 


Would you like to amaze and impress your guests with exclusive Australian and New Zealand wines at your next business events, office borrel or as a corperate gift for clients or employees? 

Or how would you feel about a wine tasting for your next team building event? We can organise wine tastings for groups starting from 8 participants and up, to 25 people.

Impress your guests by letting them enjoy the amazing flavours of our exclusive Australian and New Zealand wines.

We will consult with you on the selection of the wines and advise you based on your wishes and desires for your event and deliver the wines to your doorstep. 

Or you can take it 'next level' with a private wine tasting at your desired location.

We can organise a private wine tasting at your loction starting from 8 to approximatly 25 participants.  The selection of the wines will of course be based on your preferences and wishes, for instance the number and types of  wines, the preferred duration of the tasing as well as your budget for the event. 

Our wine tastings have a duration between 1 and 2 hours, during which 4 to 8 different winess can be tasted. For each wine we provide you with information about the winemakers, the vinyards and of course the tasting notes. During the tasting we serve your guests bread and water in order to cleanse the pallet and enjoy the wines to the fullest extent possible.

The price for our wine tastings vary depending on the selection of the wines to be tasted. Our basic starting price is  EUR 12,50 per persn (incl. VAT), which includes tasting a variety of 4 basic wines. 

Would you like to know more? Please call or e-mail us.