Riggs Wine Co. has had a meteoric rise in the world of wine and has become one of the most recognisable names in Australian wine-making.


Mr Riggs is a legend of Australian wine – and one of the most influential winemakers working today.  His experience producing vintages all over the world and knowledge of old-world techniques, along with an intimate knowledge of his beloved South Australia have delivered exceptional, premium wine experiences and the awards to go with them.

The whites are distinctive - his crisp Pinot Gris is modern, light and refreshing and the deeper, rich Chardonnay is a tribute to the classics with an Australian twist. Both will leave no doubt that you are drinking the product of an artist at the peak of his powers.

The company is currently owned and operated by Mr Riggs himself, giving him the freedom to express his own wine-making philosophy and truly represent his beloved McLaren Vale and South Australia.

Enjoy the full range of expression the reds offer: from the unpretentious, balanced fruit of the Gaffer Shiraz, and the intriguing complexity of the Outpost Cabernet to his masterpiece, the flagship JFR.  A personal tribute to his father – an impressively elegant Shiraz, structured with bold fruit and a depth of flavour that marks the pinnacle of his achievements so far.

“Winemaking at Mr. Riggs is all about creating wines that people really want to drink – to share, to enjoy with friends and family – that's what’s most important to us.”

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Situated in the stunning McLaren Vale, with its incredible variety of geology and micro-climates, Mr Riggs also produces wines from Coonawarra, Adelaide Hills, Clare Valley, and the Barossa Valley, adding to the depth and diversity of their wines.

With Pragmatic and technical approach's, using the wide variety of fruit available from their own blocks along with that from Ben Rigg's extensive network, gives him the ability to craft wines with a richness, depth and finesse to please the most demanding of palates. 

The ‘Burnt Block’ Vineyard, named after a lightning strike fire that destroyed the first vines, is part of the Piebald Gully Vineyard, Clarendon.

The 'Piebald Gully'  Vineyard produces mainly Shiraz

and Viognier and is especially well-known for its unconventional Piebald Syrah wines fermented with a touch of viognier, a white wine grape!


McLaren Vale lies approximantly 20kms to the south of Central Adelaide.  A 30min drive from downtown you will find yourself emersed in its splendors, regions and geological landforms, one of those being Mclaren flats.

On the McLaren Flat, Mr Riggs is ideally located to take advantage of the full range of grapes grown in the area.  Starting with the stunning McLaren Vale just to the West, with its incredible variety of geology and micro-climates.

This area lies within Baker Gully on North and South Maslin sand - old (Eocene) medium to coarse grain sand with ironstone outcrops at 265 metres above sea level. Partly due to the elevation, this is the coolest of McLaren Vale’s subregions, so grapes ripen up to two weeks later than its neighbours and it has a higher rainfall, preparing it perfectly for the dry summers.


To say Mr Riggs has McLaren Vale in the blood would be no exaggeration. He graduated from the renowned Adelaide Agricultural College and spent 15 years working at the Wirra Wirra (W2) vineyard, mentored by Gregory Trott, where his 14 vintages helped the business grow considerably.

At the same time, he was one of the famous “Flying Winemakers” bringing cutting-edge Australian technology and expertise to old-world wine-growing regions.  The interchange typically broadened the appeal of the wines produced there, while expanding the knowledge and experience of the winemakers – enabling them to produce their own vintages with the best of both worlds.

The profile of Mr Riggs’ wines reflects his experience in the Napa Valley, Bordeaux, Greece, Italy and the South of France. McLaren Vale is well-known for producing big, rich flavours but these wines are an expression of his aim to add complexity, elegance, texture and finesse to his expression of the McLaren Vale terroir.