Les langue Frances, Pas Les langue Kiwi should be the official language of this winery.  Settled by French Missionary settlers in 1839, Mission Estate can comfortably claim the title of New Zealand’s first and there for oldest vineyard. And although the gents from the land of the Long White Cloud have a horrifically good reputation for losing important rugby games to the French, they scored big time by these French monks turning up and giving the following generations of Kiwi's a good lesson in L'Art du plonk Francais.

New Zealand and France have long had a tradition of pissing each other off. The French in the 70's and 80's decided New Zealand was the Ideal place to test their nuclear bomb and also to practice the art of undercover spying and dastardly espionage deeds. For those unsure, the French blew up the Rainbow Warrior ship in Auckland harbor in 1985, French Intelligence officers were caught at the scene, But let that not dissuader or dampern this story, Although the French are great at being different, they can sure make a good bottle of plonk.


MIssion Estate arrivee dan les Payes Bas!

Napoleon has been dead for almost 2 hundred years, but his love of all things French never fades. And Mission Estate, just like the les Grande Army of yesteryear, powers its way over the Dutch border and slaps anyone dans the visage whom resist.

But shifting the perspective back a little, and for those whom like a good backstory then, "their story" began with a group of French Missionaries who sailed to New Zealand in 1838 with little more than their faith and a few vines. The Society of Mary was founded near Lyon in France. With the blessing of the Pope, a group travelled to the Pacific, arriving in New Zealand in 1838. the rest as they say in French, es l'Histoire.


je m'appelle Napoleon. J'aime boucoup les marcher long de la plage

et vins du Mission Estate.

Napoleon Boneapart, 1814

Disclaimer: Napoleon may or may not have actually said this



Mission Estate wines are, for the most part divided into three catagories: 

Estate, Reserve and Jewelstone.

Estate being their entry level wines leading up to the Reserve range then finally to the   Jewelstone range which is  Mission Estate's premier product. We do have wines available in all these three catagories. With Sauvignon Blanc & Chardonnay, Pinot Noir available and a stunning Pinot Gris in stock that should be locked up in jail,  its just so fine.  

The jewelstone range is ideal for wine lovers, collectors or corperate level events, as it exclusive.  It's  fabulous darlings!

The Reserve range has loads of personality and adds something extra. The French roots & connecion becomes apparent here.

The Estate range is more your everyday's type of wine, very full of flavour and attitude,  briliant for casual  weekends, home or away darlings 

Mission Estate wines are a must try if you havent heard about them yet, or if you are already 

acquainted with Mission Estate you know you want more.

Dont take our word for it, we are biased and think our wine are the best,  try it yourselves